Damien is fairly short at 5’8” with a lean muscular build brought on by the hard labor he had to go through in prison. His hair is short and black, he keeps it neat and slicked black. He has a scar on the left side of his face running from his temple down to the corner of his mouth in a hook shape; he is also missing his right earlobe as it was bitten off by a prostitute.

He has heterochromia – his right eye is Ice blue and his left eye is emerald green.
He is missing his left pinky and ring finger at the knuckle, lost due to being unable to pay a debt.
He wears a cheap ring on his left thumb; the first item he ever stole.

He has a series of tattoos, mainly a sleeve going down his right arm (accrued in prison).
o A dagger sticking out of his neck under his right ear – for hire to kill other prisoners.
o On his chest, above his heart is a tattoo of a scar and stitches – heartless.
o On the right part of his chest is the tattoo of an executioner – follows the thieves code.
o Five towers on the back of his right hand – years spent in prison.
o A cat on his inner fore-arm – career as a thief.
o A goat skull on his inner wrist – represents an informer he murdered in prison (an animal without honor).
o A rose with thorns on his outer fore-arm – came of age in prison.
o A cat being mauled by a pack of rats, outer bicep – a reminder of the betrayal of his former gang.
o Two spiders fighting in the center of a web, one black and one white covering his elbow and part of the back of his bicep and fore-arm – represents the struggle of trying to leave a life of crime.
o On the pinky and ring finger there is a six sided di, each di is rolled to a one – failed gambler.
o On his right shoulder he has a tattoo of a hawk flying off into the horizon – longs for freedom.

He wears brown, belted leather armor; at his side he carries a short sword and a dagger in the same hilt. On a bandolier that goes across his chest he has a string a shurikens. He also has a dagger in both boots. He carries a crowbar on his back and a climber’s kit at his left side where his grappling hook hangs and a small kit at the back his belt for his other “tools”. His boots are designed for climbing, both have blades that can come out of the tips and are padded at the soles for sneaking and he wears a trench coat with deep inner pockets to conceal stolen goods and the coat itself is there to cover his items and weapons to help and avoid attention.



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