The Stars Over Deepholme

Game 1
And so it begins

A three mast galley sailed smoothly towards the massive breakwaters seperating the Violet Sea from the harbor of Granite. As the party watched, the massive stone doors rose upwards, letting the ship into the harbor before smoothly shutting behind them. The massive sapphire tower of the mages dazzled in the sunlight as the entire city sprawled out before them. The ship pulled into the dock and the group disembarked… first came Rubicon Graystoke, the dwarven vigilante who was only all too happy to be back on solid ground.
“Damn wooden things”, he muttered as he kissed the ground.
Next came Garrus Steelclaw, an athletic dragonborn whose foreign made leathers and scimitar clearly marked him as out of place in the city. Following was Damien, a rough looking young man with a J shaped scar on his face and ornate tattoos covering his body.
After Damien had disembarked, a seasick sorceress staggered off the boat. Susan seemed happy to be back on stable land again, giving a wary look at the boat.
Finally, off came Rebel, a tiefling anarchist who sneered at a guardsman as she walked past. As Rebel walked past a cacaphony of catcalls from dock workers followed her, to which she cheerfully responded with a rude gesture. Striking up a conversation with a friendly hooker Rebel learned that rats had eaten the young woman’s cat. Literally grabbing the rest of the group and pulling them along, Rebel vowed to clear the Lower City of its rat problem and tracked the cat back to Moradin’s Tankard, where she surmised that it had been attacked by a pack of rats. Offering their services to Fimli Coppernose, the party ventured into the basement of the Tankard, only to discover a tunnel chewed out of the solid rock and leading to an antechamber that led to Deepholme. Lighting a fire in the tunnel, the party smoked out any occupants before entering the antechamber and dealing with the massive dire rat that remained in the room.
Finding a red armband with a black hand in the antechamber, Graystoke went to Lt. Delzoun, head of the Lower City watch, who informed him of the existence of the Black Hand, and tasked the young dwarf and his comrades with learning all they could of the Black Hand so that the City Watch could deal with the dangerous group….

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