Welcome to the Stars Over Deepholme!

This portal will serve as the organizational hub of the campaign, complete with details and NPCS as well as items and feats for your characters.
The group earned 700 experience from the last game session. You’re all level 2 now. Congrats.
Loot is as follows:
2x Magic Armor +1
1x Magic Sword, +1

I believe the armors went to our Rogue’s and the sword was going to the Swordmage. The armors are common +1’s, I’ll be posting the sword in a moment.

In addition, the group received 500 gold as a whole (100 per person).

Expect to be going into Deepholme next session.

The group earned 500 experience per person from last session. Loot to follow in a few minutes.
Adding several shops as I write this.

*Unlocked Fimli Coppernose, Moradin’s Tankard, and added the adventure log from the first game to the wiki.
*Gave Rebel a character sheet and made sure her backstory was present.


  • Added the HunterBahamut Character page and assigned ownership to HunterBahamut
  • Fleshed out most of the shops and temples.


  • Added More GM specific stuff
  • Fleshed out an initial starter adventure to get the Party’s feet wet.
  • Created the Wolfbreaker character page and assigned ownership to WolfBreaker.


  • Added GM-specific items.
  • Created the Graystoke character page and assigned ownership to Graystoke


  • Added the Blue Tower organization entry
  • Started an Updates Log
  • First Game Day will be Feb. 23rd at 6pm. Characters will be in a newly chartered adventuring group. I suggest you think of a name for yourselves. =P

On Masterwork Armors:
I’ve decided to keep the 3rd edition Masterwork system; whereby a masterwork item is a superior (with regards to normal items) version of a normal item, but not magical. Masterwork items will be worth 500% of a normal version of the item, and will convey bonuses based on the item and the materials used to craft it. Exotic weapons and items will be possible. Crafting a Masterwork item will require higher quality materials or exotic materials, and will have a higher DC to craft. Magical items will still get the enhanced bonus introduced with 4E’s masterwork gear (The Character Builder adds this in already); This bonus is a scaling fix to 4E’s AC math

Here is the Campaign Wiki.

The Stars Over Deepholme

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